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Philosophy and history of Cortijo de Olivar potatoes

Papas Cortijo del Olivar, S.L. is an eminent family business, founded in Arcos de la Frontera in 1993. It’s founder, D. Francisco Miguel Sánchez Albertos is a born entrepreneur, determined, and tirelessly searching for new products and formulas to improve existing products.

The company is fundamentally dedicated to the elaboration and distribution of fried potatoes, however, they also produce rich, tasty breadsticks and ‘regañás’.

Cortijo del Olivar products are internationally known and appreciated for their culinary and gastronomical qualities and virtues.

Cortijo del Olivar’s distribution network encompasses various Spanish provinces and is constantly expanding.

Our objective is to continue to produce the best fried potatoes on the market, with that in mind, it’s just as our moto says “Life’s second best pleasure”.

Natural Artisans


Potato chips flavors


Iberian ham

Iberian ham flavored potatoes



Cheese potatoes


Country recipe

Potatoes with tomato, pepper, parsley and garlic

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